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Evidence of Love

Once felt the power of this feeling, we do not doubt its existence. Love is not subject to the logic, it’s illusive. So how do we know its love?

There is no love, there is only evidence of love, – claimed the French playwright Jean Cocteau.

If so, what can serve as a proof of it? Fidelity? But it depends more on our temperament, personal morality and the prevailing mores, and not only on the depth of feeling to the partner.

Sexual attraction? It may eventually fade, but love remains. Good memory for meaningful for two dates; gifts; desire to spend as much time with your loved ones – all this is also a question of character, tastes, upbringing. So how do we know that our feeling – true love?

We often confuse love and sexual attraction – their symptoms are very similar. We are experiencing excitement and worry, rejoice and feel the pain – our inner world shaken to its very foundations. Sexual attraction usually lasts a few months, but not more than three years.

And only after this time it is possible to judge whether there was a genuine feeling or is it just a passing fancy. In place of long-term romantic love comes deep affection (or the relationship ends). It turns out that the power and intensity of emotions is not a sign of true love. But what other evidence? Do you have answers?

Source: “Evidence of Love” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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