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Everyday stress

It is easier to believe in ourselves, when we do not disperse attention and energy. Although the life of us all the time distracting from the main goal, and a snowball of affairs leads to confusion.How to achieve peace and concentration? Remember this morning. How many cases do you have begun at the same time, starting the work? How many emails have responded and how many calls made same time typing messages on a smartphone and angry at your fingers, which always overshoot the desired letter? Everyday stress makes us do a hundred things at once. Because of the numerous activities, motivations and commitments we lose the inner peace. After all, we do not only have to cope with a continuous stream of problems at work (be effective), but also to keep the bar in other areas of our lives. Be a gracious host or hostess, responsible parent, understanding and loyal friend, partner – an attractive, imaginative and seductive in any circumstances and despite the hectic pace of events taking place around! Each “field activities” carefully separated from each other. And it motivates us to devide our mind, body and emotions as if they can exist alone.

Source: “Everyday stress” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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