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Dreams come true!

With thought that in my life I had to do something different, we spend an average of more than two hours per week. We feeling sorrow that we traveled a little, chose the wrong career, we do not live with whom we want to … How to learn to fulfill our desires? In order not to feel such regret, it is necessary to carry out certain work.

1. Separate own desires from desires of others. “My dream is to be a doctor,” “I want to stay at home with children”, “I want to get a degree” – ask yourself, who is speaking? If you live in accordance with the attitudes and expectations of parents and, in fact, embody their dreams, go for own search.

2. Remove the contradictions. Many of our desires conflict with each other. We want to build a career and at the same time enjoy the leisurely pleasures of family life; we dream to go to live in another country and we value hometown, close connections with loved ones. Rate that is more consistent with your inner needs and priorities.

3. Think about the desired as inevitable. Studies show that as long as we do not perceive the future as an irreversible fact, as an event that is about to happen, and we do not expect to take concrete steps for its implementation. All that is required of us – thinking about when and how to fulfill the desire, to think in terms of days, not months or years. The inevitability of the task motivates its execution.

4. Create a business plan. Having decided to fulfill the dream, take it as a serious project. Ask yourself these questions:

What is my motivation?

Do I believe in achieving their goals?

What is my specific plan?

Am I willing to invest enough time and effort in achieving it?

What obstacles I will face on the way to the goal?

On whose support can I expect?

In fact, many wishes come true when we say them out loud, sooner or later, we met someone with the right connections or knowledge, the support group, and our dream suddenly gaining momentum.


Source: “Dreams come true!” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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