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Creativity and Lies

Dear friends!

Do you know that CREATIVE PEOPLE LIE willingly and sophisticatedly?Fantasia, the ability to create beautiful castles in the air, which will then be sealed in an artistic work, – the amazing quality of creative people. But this gift has its seamy side: how psychologists have found, it helps creative natures come up with a much more complex lie. After four experiments, psychologists found that gifted individuals are not only more than other people tend to cheat, and lie much trickier to others. In addition, they are better guess the lie in the mouth of others: the nature of the majority of people are able to recognize a lie mainly simple, but creative people can even unravel a complex tangle of deceit.

Finally, psychologists have found that gifted people perfectly know how to make excuses for unethical acts committed by them. In general, the talent is characterized by considerable flexibility in making excuses to their black actions. Creative people are used to break the patterns and common rules and hence the universal human ethics for them – no more than a collection of stamps, each of which may be waived for any reason. Note that the basis for many creative professions lies precisely the ability to deceive others: for example, good advertisers is a kind of professional liars, they can assure the public that their product is extolled and really has all the stated qualities. So be careful, if you have friends among creative people. 🙂

Source: “Creativity and Lies” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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