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Coffee nap

The clock show lunch time, and in 20 minutes an important presentation and you feel as if you had not slept the last 18 years? One, two or eight cups of coffee here is unlikely to help: for the years of office work you have clearly developed a strong immunity to them. Afternoon siesta, indeed, would not help. But what exactly will help, is just a cup of coffee, and immediate 20 minutes nap after! Yes, at first glance it sounds paradoxical: generations of experience suggests that caffeine – the worst enemy of sleep. However, the whole point here is that if you lie down on the office couch immediately after drinking a cup and sleep there 20 minutes (can be a little less), the result is the sum of the invigorating effect of caffeine and refreshing sleep effect – and, as a consequence, the increased concentration of attention. Just believe me and try!

Source: “Coffee nap” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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