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Clearly, but not understandable

Surprisingly, more than half of the fitness center visitors do not distinguish standard modes of a treadmill and cannot choose the right one. And all because of pride: why need to ask the instructor, if here clearly written! Clearly doesn’t mean understandable, but if you want to run efficiently, you need to know some “road” subtleties.


Interval training (a series of sprints, alternating with periods of rest) is almost useless if you’re running less than twenty minutes. Its whole point is to learn to control your breathing. Less than twenty minutes, you do not have time to reach the maximum level of oxygen consumption, and the regime is not working.


Running uphill, even impromptu, you need the correct shoes. If they are not, you will just overload your foot flexors.

Fat Burn
Sometimes a fat-burning mode indicates with phrase: fat loss, weight loss and even weight control. But no matter how it was called, it is run in a very narrow heart rate zone – 65% of the maximum. If you underestimated your weight at least for kilo when entering data, mode will not work: the displacement of the pulse zone on four beats per second reduces fat burning to nothing.

Fitness Test

The track will gradually increase the speed and incline to see how much you can stand. To do the test more than once in two months is meaningless. You won’t notice the increase of aerobic capacity, just only wear yourself down.

Source: “Clearly, but not understandable” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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