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Cheating: hide or not to hide?

Can we say that we didn’t commit adultery, if the partner does not know about this? If a person cheating, he trespassed. Mechanism of fraud is such that people, are forced contantly to lie, gradually turning away from themselves, from the part that lives little secret life, there is a splitting of personality, it creates tension, the partner becomes an irritant, he gets not only a life together based on lies, but also undeserved hassle.There are people who prefer to live in blissful ignorance and do not know about the cheating. There are people who can not forgive deception. Since I’m in the latter category, I can explain what is going on. If partner is cheating on me, it is a substitute for an important part of our life, he is stealing part of my life. If I know anything about the incident, then I have a choice: to accept this reality and move on and go separate ways.In the case of hiding this fact, he deprives me of choice. In my axioms is not a secret affair, it is the most cowardly betrayal.

Source: “Cheating: hide or not to hide?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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