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Bring me a joy

Joy always rather embarrassed philosophers:up to their taste, there’s too much noise and physicality in it. The exception is Spinoza, Nietzsche and Bergson.

Searching the word “joy” in a philosophical dictionary, you will find little. And if you type it into the google, the World Wide Web, most likely, will redirect you to the word “happiness.”

Does this mean that there is no place for joy in the philosophy?

Most thinkers treat it with a grain of salt: too much anxiety it brings.

For Plato, it means a loss of control, and is bordered to insanity.

To stoic philosophers who sought to ataraxia – a state of rest, and lack of passion, the joy felt too noisy, too physiological.

Their fellow Epicureans sought to happiness, which for them consisted only in the absence of suffering: there is nothing particularly to enjoy.

Greek philosopher Leucippus seeing the joy seeing as the purpose of life, but he says first of all about the special aesthetic feeling of elation that we feel at the sight of all that is good and beautiful.

Not otherwise as the ancient philosophers too indulged in contemplation. Their view, looking to the lofty ideals, could not do justice to the dynamism of such a feeling, as joy. But “joy” – the most important concept for Benedict Spinoza and Nietzsche, who see it as a synonym of existence. And Henri Bergson, likens her “creative impulse.” All thinkers seriously interested in this sense, assert that man becomes truly man only in JOY!

Do you agree with this statement, dear friends?

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