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Boy or girl?

It is obvious that today femininity in the world have a great impact on men than masculinity. Partly men psychologically advantageous to be influenced by the female subculture. In today’s highly urbanized culture, the traditional masculine qualities are not in demand. Heavy physical work and the aggressiveness necessary for the farmer and a soldier, no longer relevant. Success is determined, rather, with flexibility, creativity, emotional expressiveness (image) and communication – that is, qualities increasingly inherent to nature of women. It is not surprising that the role of women in all areas has increased, and men, deprived of traditionally male occupations, rapidly feminized. It is no coincidence and daughter in a symbolic competition for the degree of influence on their father’s “win” sons. In the ancient, traditional agrarian societies, boys are perceived as a work force, the defenders and heirs, and were preferred. In the modern western society the situation is the opposite. The society encourages the early separation of the young men from their families and their interests opposed to the values of fathers in an attempt to express their own individuality. Therefore, with the boys fathers associated more problems. Girls is now also perceived as a work force, and even more reliable. From them fathers waiting for support in old age even more than from sons, as they are aimed at preserving the relationship and have conservative values.

And whom do you prefer – boy or girl? 🙂

Source: “Boy or girl?” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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