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Answer to criticism with a question

– You disappeared just at the moment when I was going to introduce you to my mum and dad. Why did you run away?

– No, I’ve never heard anything like this! Perhaps I have no right to look at what is happening in my home?

Deceiving is not good, you know? Do you know why? Because it is inefficient. When a man asks you an uncomfortable question, you can lie, of course. But this does not solve the problem. After all, people with attack you with criticism and questions, usually refers to your responses suspiciously. Imagine that the girl asks you, “What you were doing in a cafe with a green-eyed blonde? My friend saw you, “If you say:” I have talked about the issues of delivery of marble with a potential client “, the answer will be invariable” Stop lying! “. But if you respond to question with the criticism, as taught NLP girl can knock the selected template. Consciousness is arranged in such a way that, hearing the question, the man repeats it to himself and mentally responds to it. If you restate your answer as follows: “Do you think, where I should talk to the client about delivery of marble?” – She repeated the question to herself, mentally or aloud, answer ( “Cafe”), and the discussion will be changed. In NLP, this technique is called an override.

Sometimes it helps to confuse even road cops:

Inspector: You have exceeded the speed…

You: Do you think a person cannot exceed the speed when rushing to the hospital to his wife, who’s giving birth to a child?It’s not even a lie. You do not state anything!

Source: “Answer to criticism with a question” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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