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And winner is…

Already behind the 88th Oscar awards ceremony. And, of course, you got nothing (well, you are not Leonardo DiCaprio). Well, okay. After all, anyone who has access to office life, able to make a statuette of “Oscar” by himself!

What you’ll need:

10 yellow round markers;

1 thin black marker;

3 square boxes;

1 roll of transparent tape.

Unite eight short markers so that you will get four long.

Then wrap these four with tape so as you will get a thick one (this will be the carcass of “Oscar”).

Remove the caps from the other two markers.

Attach markers without caps on the sides of the carcass of your “Oscar” (this will be the shoulders and arms).

At one of the top caps fasten draw inscrutable face of the American Academy character.

Unite boxes with tape, so it will be pedestal. It is desirable that they were not empty; otherwise the design will be unstable.

Connect carcass of “Oscar” to the pedestal with tape.

And the winner is … You! Yes, you do not need a stupid stranger score! You just made your own “Oscar”!

Source: “And winner is…” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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