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A case in Paris

Very often we have to make an important decision from scratch, with a glance at the face of a man, according to, for example, how he dressed or for the first spoken words, to sketch at least a rough psychological profile based on insufficient data. In this sense, for me the permanent example – a sniper eyes of Ivan Bunin, about which mentioned in his memoirs, Alexei Tolstoy … It was in Paris, in the 30s, Tolstoy met with great emigrant and a Nobel laureate in the cafe, the third was, it seems, Georgi Ivanov. Writer’s dialogue broke new visitor, with some incredibly expressive appearance. Appearance and visitor’s face was so extraordinary, that the writers suddenly arguing who he is. Tolstoy and Ivanov offered several versions and Bunin, glancing at the stranger said, as snapped: He is card tricksters.

Bunin’s words were so sudden and so adamant that his friends made a bet, then Tolstoy went to a stranger, he admitted that they are Russian immigrants, and even writers, and now argue about what he is doing, on this stranger, thinking , replied: my life is connected with the card’s game. Bunin won the bet.

Once in Paris, I tried to repeat the sniper Bunin shot at a street cafe on the Place de la Bastille: there was heavy rain at that morning, I was sitting under an overhanging awning, drinking hot cappuccino, eating croissant and, bored, watching the young Frenchman, who picked raw paper from the next table and tried to scroll it, opened its wet pages … So, I thought it was a loser, not ordered a cup of coffee, so the Parisians are not accepted, the morning is already in full swing, but he is most likely unemployed, trying to kill time, cheating his girlfriend, looking for a job … Then the rain stopped, sun struck, Parisian shook himself, threw the newspaper, bent down to the foot, where was a large plastic bag (package, I confess, I did not notice), pulled out a sparkling iridescent red and white motorcycle helmet, wearing it, easily jumped over the barrier and, riding a luxurious brand new Harley-Davidson worth half a mersedes, sped away into the distance.

Source: “A case in Paris” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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