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Woman must be a mystery

Psychologists often say that a woman, even lived with a man for decades, must remain a mystery to him.


It turns out that this advice have strictly scientific basis.In the early XX century, studies had been conducted which proven that a woman still has to be a mystery! This happened in 1924, in the Department of Psychology Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Berlin. Young psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik made some discovery, which was called by her name – “Zeigarnik effect”. Groups of people were given a task to do something, for example, a figure out of clay. When the figure was almost ready, for example, had to attach eyes and a tail, a figure was taken. The next day was given another job – and allowed to complete it. After about a month of training, they asked people, what jobs they remembered and liked the most. You know, what they says? Those tasks that were not completed before the end, remember two times better than those that have been completed.

The mechanism of our psyche is such that starting some action – needlework, relationship or job – we feel tension. By concentrating on this action our attention and interest, we try to make it for us the most important thing – at this stage. But time passes, the action is over, and we forget the interest and the special feeling of excitement that seized us. If the action is proved incomplete, the tension persists, and with it – the memories of this action as something that we are interested and concerned.It must be said that the Zeigarnik effect widely used in various fields: politics, advertising, pedagogy. It works in a relationship also. Putting some distance between you and your men, breaking off in mid-sentence, deftly moving away from questions about the former partners and your innermost secrets, you apply Zeigarnik effects in practic. Even when he is far away from you, your man in his thoughts will be with you!

Source: “Woman must be a mystery” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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