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Waiting for a response

Before lovers wrote each other letters and waiting for a response for many days. The words addressed to another, weighed in every way. We knew that as soon as the words will reach the paper, they will gradually move away from us. Now everything is different: we didn’t wait so long anymore. Relations between people are impregnated immediately. Never before in the history of mankind and the earth a distance between people had not been reduced to a nullity. This implies a whole new range of emotions, which we are discovering – from the joy to sorrow.“Waiting for a response” is a modern incarnation of love pangs. When we, for example, forward SMS to a loved one, every second is critical. Today’s second – the same as the days for previous generations. “Why he did not respond?” The question becomes obsessive, unrelenting. We do not know how to wait. From this you can go crazy. How they lived before and tolerated weeks of waiting for a response to see what others feel? How are they treated, these turtles of love? In any case, clearly better than us. This is absurd: the person, maybe just do not want to answer right away, immediately. Finally, receipt of the message does not imply immediate response. The speed of transmission does not necessarily mean a quick messaging. Everyone has the right to read, reread, linger. The same is allowed, is not it?

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