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Striving for the ideal

Ask a single woman, what she thinks most important in relationship with a man. Almost certainly you will hear that her potential partner should be caring, understanding, faithful, always ready to lend a shoulder. In other words, it will be only about her needs and requirements.

But where is she, what is her role, what she is ready to give to partner? Man is seen as a commodity, a single woman like a teenager tends to consume, have fun. But for an adult is always fun to give.

With infantile model of relations connected also maximalist perception of marriage: a joint life must be extremely happy and cloudless, and if it is not, it is better to be alone. But any marriage in different periods can be happy and not very easy and difficult.

Life in the pair – a live connection of two independent people, which is important for personal growth of both.When a woman allows herself to be herself, she no longer feel like a little girl, full of fear of adulthood, she has a chance to build a relationship.

Becoming an adult just means to get rid of fears and the impact of stereotypes from the oppressive feeling of insecurity, in order to finally start living own life.

Source: “Striving for the ideal” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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