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Small pleasures

We all want to enjoy life, but often instead of positive emotions are experiencing frustration. What prevents us from having fun?

It depends on what we mean by a real pleasure: if it is the dream of a Nobel Prize, it is possible to live life feeling only disappointment. In many ways, the ability to experience pleasure is related to the ratio of a sense of reality and fantasy in each of us: comparing, analyzing them, we gain maturity. The pleasure of life becomes a part of our existence, as natural, as well as difficulties.

If a person does not want to grow up, he will not live, and wait for the “real” all-consuming pleasure. This position is associated with the unconscious desire of an adult to return to his earliest childhood – a state of infantile omnipotence, when all desires are satisfied immediately.

Growing up, we regret to understand that the world does not revolve around us, we are mortal and can not get everything we want. This discovery makes one of us to move forward, and others – continue to live in a world of illusions, in the endless pursuit of pleasure, as if they might give eternal life and save you from death.

The ability to enjoy the little things – a feature of a mature man and a sign of wisdom. Conversely, perceiving new tie or shoes as a tiny little thing, a man deprives himself of the joy that these things might deliver him. Following the logic of “all or nothing”, a person can not be happy about tie since suffering due to the fact that it has not included the ability to feel as James Bond. Accepting the fact that pleasure can be different: big, small, and not very strong, – means to enrich own lives with new sources of joy.

Source: “Small pleasures” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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