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Potential of freedom

It is no secret to the public that men cheat more often than women (although the “indicators” of both gradually equalized), because they are driven by primarily desire for physical pleasure. Love in this race – not a major trophy.

It’s all about instinct, hormones, new experiences and sensations. The man instantly evaluates a woman as a sexual object, his desire arises without any prior negotiations.

Women need time: they were programmed for long, stable relationship and unconsciously evaluate whether a man trusted husband and father.But no less power over us has our collective ideas, fantasies and taboos. In the men’s minds family and alternative connections can exist independently of each other without interfering.

Therefore, cheating, they are less likely to feel a sense of guilt. For women adultery often creates internal stress, emotional conflict, about 60% of them regret what happened. Their mental constructions “boil” in one pot: they worry whether to tell her husband about cheating, whether to continue the relations with her lover, if her new partner loves her, etc.

Women are gifted with the ability to give life, if they possessed also with the limitless possibility of cheating their partners without shame or regret, they would be just all-powerful!

Source: “Potential of freedom” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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