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Polygamy, 4 wifes and some other thoughts…

Dear friends! What drives the woman which rejects polygamy?

The boundless love for her man?

The sense of ownership?

But does not inability to share your man with other wifes mean your own weakness, your dependance on him?

If your happiness is based entirely on one person, isn’t it because in you there is no other content itself?

But apart from the men in our life so much joy: children, work, friends, travel …

And after all, who we are to bind to the man?

Offer him, and then to ask him for same adoration?

We came to this world to enjoy it, do we want to spend our time on the pain that can cause us a man with his infidelities?

P.S. Enjoy the video 🙂 😉

Source: “Polygamy, 4 wifes and some other thoughts…” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


One thought on “Polygamy, 4 wifes and some other thoughts…

  1. What drives a man to reject the right to several husbands for his wife? Does this refusal to share his wife mean that the husband is weak and dependent? That he is selfish and unable to enjoy other things in life?
    Should not a man allow himself to grow, to enjoy life, and allow his wife to grow by having plural husbands? Or should he spend life in jealousy and trying to own his wife?


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