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Learning to love adultly

We are forgiving and patient with children – but why we can not treat adults whom love this way?

“Do not let me to watch cartoon? I don’t love you anymore.”

This statement no surprise if we hearing it from five-year child. He tries to test the strength of the border, resorted to the most powerful weapon, which is in his disposal: threatens to deprive us of his love.But we do not despair because of these threats. We adults know that he loves us, that in fact he did not think that he was just tired, hungry, or upset by something happened in kindergarten. We easily can be mature personalities in this case: lead the children, giving them unconditional love, showing wisdom.Why it is so hard to be like this with our beloved adults? Close this maneuver, when the threat of losing his love guess at his silence, stinging injections or aggressive rhetorical questions? Could we maintain the same love patient treatment, which manifests with out children in such a situation? Entering into adult relationships, we are looking for the love that received (or wanted to receive) in childhood. But it is not just an unrealistic goal, it is also false. The true purpose – to give such kind of love to our beloved.

Source: “Learning to love adultly” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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