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The difficult life of modern women / girls: we need to control ourselves every minute in order not to make selfies, and fight to cry desire because fails to collect stool according to the instructions.

And that’s not all; here is a list of our shortcomings which seriously annoy everyone around.

We are gluttons. As they say, a lady in the street but a monster at the buffet.

We love cold winter, when we have a coat. And we don’t like it, when no coat.

Deep down, we believe that all men around us are in love with us. We are thinking about relationship, 24 hours a day, and neither work nor entertainment cannot distract us. We love to read books on motivation and psychology believe horoscopes in magazines and carefully go through any psychological tests that meet on our way. When we login to LinkedIn for many years we don’t have what to change in profile, except avatar photos.

You know something else to extend this list? Comments are waiting for you.

P.S. It is merely a satire on today’s society. In fact, things are not so bad. 😉

Source: “DISADVANTAGES OF MODERN GIRLS” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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