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5 signs to escape or… dating with fool

How to realise that you are dating with fool?

There are 5 clear signs, signs to escape I would call them.

So, read carefully and make parallels with your man.

Symptom 1


He likes to recall how many girls he had, and how they admired his sexual abilities. If your man is often boasts of his exploits and even have a habit of whispering in your ear: “Did you see how she looked at me, saw it? Well, I’m handsome, alpha male! “He, alas, not too smart.

Symptom 2

The use of smart sayings

A less intelligent man does not seek to understand his interlocutor, the most important thing for him – to impress. That is why a fool would spend hours talking to you about the intricacies of football even after you have honestly admitted that know nothing about it. A silly man likes to show off abstruse phrases, sometimes even without understanding what they mean. This, as it seems, gives weight to his words.

Symptom 3


First time he sees you, he called you “donut on legs” and now constantly repeats this nickname when you talk about you. And none of the words about her kindness, cordiality and responsiveness can convince him that the friend – is a wonderful girl. The fool never takes the trouble to find out, it is much easier to label and no steam.

Symptom 4

No sense of humor

It is generally believed that only smart people have a sense of humor. And that they are able to understand the allegory and make a parallel, connect imagination and make fun of their own weaknesses. If your man is laughing at cinematic scenes with “stupid American humor” like pie-throwing or falling on a banana peel, it does not mean that he understood the joke. As well as not an indication of a sense of humor savoring vulgar jokes. Try to test him, telling a typical English anecdote or you give him some Jerome K. Jerome read and he did not understand it, things are bad.

Symptom 5

Meaningless disputes

Stupid people usually realize own folly in their hearts. Therefore, they are trying to disguise it, pretending that they are the most intelligent. This means that he can not play in the debate and to admit his mistakes. A fool will argue with you, arguing nonsense and nonsense words, until you get tired of the bickering and say, “Okay, you’re right, nevermind.”


Source: “5 signs to escape” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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