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3 secret souvenirs from Russia

Dear friends!

Are you going to visit Russia and don’t know which interesting souvenir you can bring for friends and reletives?

Here I will tell you about 3 secret souvenirs, which will surprise you

1. Tar soap

Yes, it really smells bad (if not stink). But soap containing 10% of birch tar – it’s just a brilliant piece! Definitely you won’t buy such soap abroad, because it is a real product Made in Russia. This soap effectively struggles with rashes on the face and acne, but also can be a real salvation for those who have dark spots. At the same time it does not dry out the skin – you can safely wash.

2. Altai mummy

Altai mummy – is a complex product, which consists of a cocktail of useful elements and looks very similar to a dark resin. Those “in the know”, know that in Russia it is necessary to bring this wonderful tool that should, among other things, a penny. Use for cosmetic purposes can be as hair masks: mummy restores them so that even professional cosmetics envy! And even as a wrap against cellulite – also works.

3. Loofah or bast sponges

Many foreigners coming to Russia, first with surprise look at these natural loofah or bast sponges. And then regret that they bought only one, not five! Firstly, because of fashion for organic products in Europe, and secondly, none of the scrub will make your skin as smooth as this eco-sponge.

Source: “3 secret souvenirs from Russia” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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