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Experience is always in fashion

Dear friends! Want to share with you impressions of movie I have seen lately. This is ‘The Intern’ with Robert de Niro in lead role.

Now, please, watch the trailer and after read my impressions of this movie and decide to watch it or not.

At the background of hipsters at half-mast jeans and sneakers, with laptops and tablets under their arms, the main character looks like a museum piece – in ironed suit and tie.

The oversight as assistant to the bustling chairwoman, he is simply forgotten. And he finds what to do by himself.

Ben makes at least 4 instructive things for which it is worth seeing this film.

1. He does not play offense and not waiting for acknowledge of his experience.

2. He is active: outside the scope of official duties, and does not shun any work, even that which seems to be not stuck him not by years or in white-collar position. For Ben it is not difficult to make out the blockage on the office desk or to offer his services as a chauffeur. He did not ignorirruet new realities and Internet, makes page in social networks, trying to understand the problem of office boys.

3. He is calm and confident in his abilities, and his self-esteem can not shake any sidelong glances, not yet undiscovered new technologies.

4. Ben does not look as mentor who looks condescendingly on the “youngsters”. His colleagues he treats as if they were peers, and putting himself in their shoes.

As a result, his advice on sales, on seduction of girls and on time management are effective.

No wonder the slogan of the movie – “Experience is always in fashion”

Source: “Experience is always in fashion” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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