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Dress Me

Dear friends!

Today want to tell you about promising invention for all business girls.

Two girls from Kiev – Victoria and Natalya, having experienced a lot of weeklies and tired of the vain search of ideal, created it themselves.

Lookbook – Glider DressMe – a vital gift for those girls who want to be in time everywhere and do everything, but in any case stay princesses.

Dress Me Assistant remind the girl not only of important tasks, but also about impeccable wardrobe.

Firstly, it consists of four-seasons blocks.

For every stylish girl the year is divided into seasons, and nothing else.

Each block begins with lookbook and recommendations for a basic wardrobe. And it just saves time of each busy girl with a bunch of to-dos.

Having always on hand a basic bow on various occasions, more time can be given to care for themselves.

And by the way, you can note here all upcoming beauty-procedures, there are special stickers, markers for insurance of maiden memory that time will signal when to sign up for a manicure or massage.

And one more plus of it is the cover.

This is a real fashion accessory by girls for girls.

The removable blocks to avoid unnecessary carrying of the pages of the past season, the US bond pages technology and high quality smooth sheets. But then even the cover of “metallic” color, which will work for you as mirror before an important meeting!

Creators of DressMe promise to please girls with new thematic blocks: recommendations for a healthy diet, or beauty-tips from the experts.

The blocks can be bought separately, and even you can order the development of personalized pages!

Source: “Dress Me” by wisdom_consultant in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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