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When does a relationship become a relationship?

I really wonder about other people opinion on when does a relationship become a relationship?

From where to understand?

Does it happen when people date regularly or making plans?

Or, maybe happen after first kiss?

Had sex?

Or only after met the family and engagement?

I want to get ur opinion and… here is mine…

The first kiss in my opinion is magic, the seal join two lips with the being that it begins to be loved. It is the point where the magic found two bodies. The first kiss is spectacular. Flavors are transformed into a feeling the breath of the other, the beating of the heart.

But no first kiss, nor sex becomes signification or relations, especially nowadays when people used to be easy-going about everything, apply their consumer mind everywhere.

A relationship becomes relationship when people unite their tastes, their tolerance of one another. They have the same taste, they share the same passion, have the same future, they share a vision for the future.

That is what I understand a relationship that is concrete.

Clear that the relationship is based on plans and follows a question: why this person like me?

What are their strengths, attributes, which is what makes that person attracts me.

These response plans, become for example, that will occur in the future.

And what are you thinking about it? Don’t hesitate to put comments!

Source: “When does a relationship become a relationship?” by Ange_Farouche in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


One thought on “When does a relationship become a relationship?

  1. I guess that once two people interact with each other they immediately have A relationship which can be named (customer, neighbor etc) and then they can become friends, then lovers, then partners, etc etc. If relationship can be named as such only when people share visions of future and tolerate each other differences then how to call whats going on between two during the first 6 months to .. years?.. ?

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