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Ultimate gift or Talak

Hello, friends!

In many movies, especially at Indian movies (Hindi) the man loudly says: talak, talak, talak three times and, divorce (talak) is done. Really, sounds as magic spell for those who are about to divorce now.

But keep calm, all is not so easy or as Russians says: “Восток – дело тонкое!” (East is delicate matter). I want to draw some attention to other interesting things also. First of all to give Talak is big sin in the Islam. But when man and woman can’t remain happy with together after all efforts, so it is provision for Tallak so that man and woman separate and can live happily their own life. It’s not done at once, Man has to give first ultimatum to his wife, that he is not happy with her, or she should be careful and try to live happily or she must take care of their relation, so man give first ultimatum to his wife and that is called first Talak.

After this, man has to wait one month, and if man find that there is no problem with wife or she has shorted out her mistake or may be any problem, and now they live happily then not need to separate or divorce.If man finds still problem exists, and no efforts from wife, or she don’t obey, then he issue second Talak to her and warns her to sort out problem and to develop smooth relations or to give away anything which spoils their relation.

And again man wait for one month, and if he find that now all is well, then they needn’t to be divorced and live happily together. But If man find that still there is no improvement in their relation and life becomes worst, and there is no other option which keep them together then he issue third time Talak and then divorce is done. But in the following condition the divorce not considered:

– If man issue Talak in angriness, as anger is haram (sin) in Islam.

– If man is dunked, and not conscious, as Liquor is also haram in Islam. There should be one eyewitness while saying Talak, so that can be proof that man warned wife before this divorce.

– If the woman is pregnant, the Tallak cant be considered, because man can’t run away from his child responsibility.


After third time Tallak, woman can’t marry to other man at least for three month. She can marry after only three month, because if she get baby then it can be decided that who is baby’s father. After Tallak some amount or whatever women’s right in money or in property is given to her or any amount is fixed for woman and child to maintain her and child life. It can be given every month or it can be settled in one amount. After Tallak that man and woman can’t marry to each other again, because they wasn’t happy after all efforts, so there is no chance again they marry each other and can be happy.T his is all for as per my knowledge, and it is possible that I can be wrong in some points.

Tell me about features of divorse at your country 🙂

Source: “Ultimate gift or Talak” by Ange_Farouche in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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