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Traders and Cossacs – what’s in common?

Dear friends!

This evening (in Ukraine is) I want to share with you some interesting facts about Cossacs.

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about Ideal Husband. Not sure if Сossacs suit to this nomination, but to the nomination of Bravest Men they are.

You also need to be brave to run real account and trade!

Yes, traders are cossacs in some way!

Next point of similarity: Cossacs were represented by men of different nationalities. On Zaporizhzhya Sich lived not only Ukrainians but also Russian, Polish, Moldovans, Belarusians and people from many other countries. During the existence of Zaporizhzhya Sich Cossacks never was called Ukrainian, just Zaporozhkie or Dnieprovskie Kozaki. The term “Ukrainian Cossacks” (Ukrainskie Kozaki) appeared only in the 20th century.

Next parallel is: Cossacks were unpretentious at the everyday life -they lived in huts made of reeds, and the main course was a mess from a mixture of flour and wheat, sometimes cooked fish sup (ukha). Traders also unpretentious – all they need is laptop and internet connection to trade, and sure some ‘fish’ to cook a dish.

In their free time hiking Cossacks being idle – drinking and festivities. Please, tell me if you are not 🙂

Cossacks were very skillful warriors differed with cunning, skill, able to sneak unnoticed, often defeated opponents, greatly superior in numbers. And succesful traders the same 5% vs 95%. Try to guess who will win? The spoils of war were not the only source of subsistence. Cossacks also grazed horses, raised cattle, kept an apiary, engaged in hunting and fishing. I am more than sure that a lot of traders have some occupation for insurance goals as cossacs.

Although to the island Khortytsya women path was booked, many Cossacks have friends and even family outside the island. In peacetime, the Cossacks were regullary visited by their wives and children. Need I remind here that you shouldn’t disturb your husband at this ‘trading island’ while he trade?

And save you God if you will show the desire to trade too 🙂

Than your marriage have all chances to become a hell.

Oh, up to hell and hairdresses… One interesting fact. There is a legend about the origin of the long Cossack forelock – Oseledets. Cossacks considered themselves very sinful and believed that after death them all will go to hell. And supposedly God could have mercy on their sinners of, and pull them out of the flames of hell catching for the forelock. Stay safe with Oseledets and enoy your trading


yours always smiling Ange 🙂

Source: “Traders and Cossacs – what’s in common?” by Ange_Farouche in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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