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Secret shopper adventures: unique order

Hello, friends!

Here I am with my diploma of auditor.

I remember so good my students years when I need to look for extra money to cut and contrive.

Then my friends at American Language School told me about secret shopper positions. I fell in love with this job from first sight


1. It’s so similar to auditing – it need facts and prooves, only difference that in auditing u deal more with numbers and formulas than with people.

2. I like it because it’s familiar to my second occupation – journalism! And yes, here I deal with people a lot! From there my journey of secret shopper starts! During this breathtaking career I got so many orders – to check up banks, restaurants, beauty salons, but never… the Academy institution. Especially such special Academy. I got order for aura scan at Academy of Health and Harmony of E. Gulyaev.

It was so cool anticipation of this visit!

I ‘ve even bet with few my friends from extra-vision project about color of my aura! Unfortunatly them were right and I borrow them fruit basket. Anyway… it’s YELLOW! Since childhood yellow is one of my favorite colors, but I never can imagine that my aura also yellow!

Look, what does they says about people with yellow aura: we are creative, talkative, have a penchant for phylosophy, intelligent and optimistic.

Let me share with you my trophies … … and my experience.

Sadly, consultants can’t answer to all my questionnaire of secret shopper properly. Also printer doesn’t work good, so quality of picture wish to be better. Sadly, they fail ((( Only one thing I’m satisfied with – is color of my aura. 🙂

Source: “My secret shopper adventures: unique order” by Ange_Farouche in Dukascopy Forex Community – Dukascopy Community


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