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Fashionable groom

Hello, friends!

Are you ready to get married?

For requests, today I will tell you about wedding fashion for men.

Wedding fashion – is, first of all, a classic.

Is no exception and the groom’s suit consisting of trousers, jacket and shirt. One more element you need to find (even if you are not big fan of such things) is suitable tie. Pay attention to even such little things as socks, cufflinks. Don’t forget to pay attention to the shoes, which should be adequately strong, stylish, durable and comfortable.

As about colors, classic means black and gray tones. As alternative to business suit – tuxedo and tails exist Here you should remember that wearing of such suits has its own rules of style. The most important rule: groom’s suit should be combined with the dress of the bride and emphasize its best side.

Bride and groom’s gown must be in the same style.

Since that – everything is possible!

Even to wear your favorite old jeanses to own wedding 🙂 LOL

Have an awesome wedding day!

always here to give you advices in style,

Ange Farouche

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