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Answer to criticism with a question

– You disappeared just at the moment when I was going to introduce you to my mum and dad. Why did you run away?

– No, I’ve never heard anything like this! Perhaps I have no right to look at what is happening in my home?

Deceiving is not good, you know? Do you know why? Because it is inefficient. When a man asks you an uncomfortable question, you can lie, of course. But this does not solve the problem. After all, people with attack you with criticism and questions, usually refers to your responses suspiciously. Imagine that the girl asks you, “What you were doing in a cafe with a green-eyed blonde? My friend saw you, “If you say:” I have talked about the issues of delivery of marble with a potential client “, the answer will be invariable” Stop lying! “. But if you respond to question with the criticism, as taught NLP girl can knock the selected template. Consciousness is arranged in such a way that, hearing the question, the man repeats it to himself and mentally responds to it. If you restate your answer as follows: “Do you think, where I should talk to the client about delivery of marble?” – She repeated the question to herself, mentally or aloud, answer ( “Cafe”), and the discussion will be changed. In NLP, this technique is called an override.

Sometimes it helps to confuse even road cops:

Inspector: You have exceeded the speed…

You: Do you think a person cannot exceed the speed when rushing to the hospital to his wife, who’s giving birth to a child?It’s not even a lie. You do not state anything!

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Reduce the value of own praise

Dear friends, we are continuing our small trip to NLP world with Carlson as our guide.

– Delicious meatballs! – Said Carlson.

– An exceptionally tasty meatballs! You would think that they did by the best in the world meatballs specialist… But of course you know that it is not truth, – he added.

Another dirty method: if you need to underestimate human self-esteem quickly (for example, during a public debate), you won’t find better trick than a decrease. Introducing thesis to human consciousness, you immediately refuse it: “This is weighty remark. It is doubly strange to hear it from an idiot. ” The decline will be so spectacular than pleasant was praise. But do not get carried away! “You look excellent today! I do not even recognize you, so much fat “- things tend to accumulate and hurt more than the question: ” Have you gained few extra kilo?”

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The magic of counterexample

– Where’s your grandmother live? – asked the Kid.

– In the house, where else?! And you suppose to think she lives on the street and jumping all night?

Use absurd assumptions! Simple reception counterexample is used to give an imaginary value to your replica and mix thoughts of interlocutor. When you are added to any sentence the words “and you thought,” “and you wanted to,” there is a subconscious feeling that he did something thought and wanted. If we add to this absurdity, man surely will have an underlying thought: “My God, did he really think that I think such nonsense?!” The man himself is not aware of it, wants to be justified and tend to forget the question he asked you. The more absurd is your assumption the better it works:

– Hi, what are you doing?

– I am working. And you think I’m here to dismember a young unicorn under the table?!

After this dialogue, person who asked you, somehow understand that you really work (even if you are at this moment in a bath with champagne). This way a counterexample accentuates your words and prevents doubts about their veracity.

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Smart request

A Kid all swept and swept. In the midst of cleaning Carlson stopped his singing and said:

– You can take a small break and make some coffee for me.

Carlson is on the couch, while Kid does cleaning. Injustice is already there, but Carlson still manages to ask for coffee. How?

In the phrase Carlson using two theses: “to take small break” and “make coffee”. According to the laws of NLP, phrase, starting with the positive affirmation, is perceived by the brain as causal. On a subconscious level, the phrase sounds like “If you want the break, make me some coffee.” If kid answers “no”, referring to the coffee, he is automatically indulging the break.

Even if you say to somebody at the market (so that the seller can heard): “Now we will go to this good man, and he will sell us his best watermelon”, the reception is still probably work.

By the way, according to psychologists, the phrases beginning with the tender applications, essentially the same two-part requests: “Darling, give the remote” (if you want to remain a darling to me).

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A man sworn to use power of NLP only for good goals, try to use the so-called universal quantifier in the speech – words such as “always”, “never”, “all”, “nothing” rarely. It is believed that there is no easier way to disarm the human psyche than to crush it just such a quantifier.

Alas, those who stand up to the dark side of NLP, knows this, and therefore poses on the basis of universal quantifier’s metaframe – terrible reception, which would be better never to come to our world! Its essence is simple: picking upon some little things, you attacked the man with discouraging generalization.

So often make girls: “You are not close the cap on the toothpaste! You always do! You do not love me! “The flow of quantifiers increases, the frame becomes more methane, and to deal with it is impossible. The most natural reaction to metaframe becomes ordained action. Wanting as soon as possible to destroy the terrible “always”, you are quick to close the cap, saying that it now here I closed, mean about “always” you bent. What is required from you! With metaframe possible not only to induce a person to act, but also to deal with the claims: – You’re late for ten minutes! This is lack of respect! – Did any delay always speak of contempt? What is the object? Not any. Not always.

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Appreciate the value of any result

Carlson said he had to make a birdhouse … But the fact with what he came out, it is not like any birdhouse, nor, indeed, to anything else.

– What’s this? – asked the Kid.

– Just one thing, – Carlson said. – One excellent small thing.

One third of the NLP-science based on reframing. The bottom line: there are no bad results, and sometimes it is enough to reformulate the problem so that it disappeared. If you cook dumplings and they stuck, this does not mean that you cooked them badly. This means that you are well proven: you need to stir when cooking them. Reframing can be practiced alone: you do not need interlocutors, to learn to look at the problem from a different point. Just to resort to it whenever you feel that things are not going well, and soon it will enter you into the habit of making to look at the world through the eyes of an enthusiastic, focused on the success idiot! Bear in mind: you should practice it loud. 🙂

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Welcome home

Dogs and cats have own vision of the world and of your home too. Therefore, if you do not want to argue with pet of whose chair in front of the TV, you should prepare your apartment for appearance of pet in advance for.

Protect flowers.

Whom and from whom should be protected – not a simple question. Cats may chew your green spaces. On the other hand, if on the windowsill grows cacti, they can injure the animal. In any case, to help this you should buy a special terrarium for plants.

Cover furniture.

Coffee table legs will be subjected to merciless chewing or scratching. Wrap them thin twine, and it protects the furniture, and be able to work for scratching nails if you own a cat.

Divide space.

Wardrobe often becomes a stumbling block in relations with cats: they sleep in them, generously leaving fur on things. Well, let’s go make concessions: leave one shelf is empty, so the animal slept there.

Make a toy. Permanently captivate animal is easy: you can throw around the apartment headless carcasses of rats. Or take a box, cut a few holes in it and put the ball (slightly larger in diameter than the hole) inside. Your Barsik will go mad, trying to scratch out a toy!

Save the keyboard. If you don’t want such distraction as cat lying on your keyboard or making mess at your working table – put the box next to your workplace. The cat is likely to nestle in it, not on your table or laptop.


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